New Low Calorie Beer Launches Just in Time For Summer

There is a new Low Calorie Beer that has Launched Just in Time For Summer

If you’re like most people you may be thinking to yourself, well I want to get the body summer ready, so I’m going to avoid beer, it’s the right thing to do. Right? WRONG!

Unless you’re in some terrible bar with no options then maybe, but if you have 6 minutes in your day to plan ahead, then you may want to grab newly released Bira 91 Light.  It is one of the first low calorie beers to be introduced in the Indian market, a 12-ounce bottle has only 90 calories.

Summer 2017 is officially lit. Low calorie beer and the beach. What’s better? Champagne? No, here’s why.

With Bira 91 light only being 90 calories, it’s actually lower than a glass of champagne, much lower than Smirnoff, wine, or cocktails. It is even lower than a glass of orange juice and milk.

Most things that are healthy have a bad reputation of tasting awful. This is not the case.  Bira 91 is a healthy delicious beer with a light taste to it, another reason for non-beer drinkers to consider beers when they are looking for a refreshment.

If your girlfriend is one of those wine coolers, mix drinking, avoid beer calories girlfriends, give her a Bira 91 and things will change almost immediately.

If light beer isn’t your thing the company also released Bira 91 Strong, it’s first strong wheat beer. With 7 percent alcohol by volume, the beer is designed to revolutionize the taste.

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