WHO ARE WE?  LCA is a site that lists and ranks alcohol based on the number of calories in each serving. We have worked directly with beer, wine, and liquor manufacturers to bring you the most accurate calorie and carbohydrate information.

We are not doctors and are not recommending that any type of drinking is healthy or a part of a balanced diet.  If you have information that you think we should have, please send it to us using the contact form or comment on our blog.

Champagne: You open a bottle of champagne to celebrate! Another reason to celebrate would be when you hear that it gives only 78 calories (per 120ml)

Sparkling Wine: The name alone does not sparkle, it sparkles amongst beverages as it is low in calories too. 120 ml of this drink contains only 90 calories

White Wine: Chardonnay, Zinfandel or Riesling varieties of white wine contain only 90 kcal per 120 ml serving, making it a delightful choice.

Red Wine: Not only is this wine heart healthy and loaded with antioxidants it is also low in calories. Take your pick, Merlot, Rose or Rhone with gives only 95 kcal/120ml.
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Light Beer: Now beer would not be the cause for your pot belly, enter ‘light beer’. Available in many varieties its calorie content can range anywhere from 90 to 150 calories per 100ml drink.

Light beer
Rice sake: A Japanese alcoholic beverage by origin, it is quite popular worldwide, what adds to its charm would be its calorie content, just 138 calories in a 100ml drink.

Whiskey: Good old whiskey! A person’s first choice when they want to enjoy a nice drink, and why not? A 100ml drink contains only 220 calories (55 cal/25ml).

Vodka: Giving a stiff competition is a woman’s eternal favorite, vodka, which gives only 220 calories per 100 ml (55 cal/25ml), but care should be taken while choosing what goes along with it. Any aerated beverage packs it with excess calories, I, stead try it out with lime cordial and soda.

Rum: Rum gives 55 to 65 calories per 25ml (around 250/100ml), thus can be enjoyed every now and then, guilt-free!

Tequila: You would definitely choose a tequila shot over a sugary cocktail when you come to know that 25ml of this drink sets you back only by 54 calories.

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